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Mundania Press is a publisher of select fiction novels and short stories. We offer romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and paranormal.
text: New Edition of Fire Wars by Jessica Palmer On Sale!
Buy in print and eBook from Mundania Press! Zelia is a priestess, with sky-blue skin and stranger tempers. Daughter of a ritual union between a human and Air's flighty eleme...
Fire Wars - Jessica  Palmer
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Fire Wars - Jessica  Palmer
text: Now Available: Instant Gold by Frank O'Rourke
In 1933 FDR took America off the gold standard and locked the price at $35 per ounce. At that time the government forbade private citizens from owning any bulk gold, beyond th...
Instant Gold - Frank O'Rourke
text: Now Available: Star Warrior by Don Callander
Buy Now in eBook and Print! Far into the future, the battlefield is in space. Robots, Catladies, Reptiloids, Stygians, and Lizards are as common as Humans. Most are friendly...
Star Warrior - Don Callander
text: Now Available: Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck
Time, and most of Portugal, has almost forgotten Luminosa, a small fishing community on the Alentejo coast. A cluster of white and blue cottages huddle under the cliffs oversh...
Rising Tide - Susan Roebuck
text: New Edition Available: Healer's Quest by Jessica Palmer
Buy now at Mundania Press. Zelia is a priestess with sky-blue skin and strange tempers. Half-human and half-air elemental, she lives uneasily in the College of Healers. Perce...
Healer's Quest (Point Fantasy) - Jessica Palmer
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text: Now Available: The Last King of Winterhold by Stephen Almekinder
Now in print and eBook from Mundania Press. The heir to the half-throne of Winterhold is wanted. The Interpreters and the aristocracy want to use him to legitimize their c...
The Last King of Winterhold - Stephen Almekinder
Now Available in Print and eBook from Phaze Books! Book Eight of The Vespian Way Heather wants to fight beside her peopl...
text: Now Available: Warlock's All and Sundry by Don Callander
Buy now at Mundania Press! Welcome to Warlock's Bar and Grille, where the Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, Valkyries, Fairies, Vampire Roofers, and Trolls of New Oslo gather t...
Warlock's All and Sundry - Don Callander
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text: New Paranormal Releases This Week at Mundania Press
High Above the Waters by Gilbert M. Stack Marcus Hunter won't stay dead; he stalks his bridge all bloody red... As a pregnant fifteen year old, Autumn Fields learned first...
High Above the Waters - Gilbert M. Stack After Birth - J.E. Sayles
text: Second Edition Now Available! Our Lady of the Snow by Louise Cooper
Buy now at Coming to other retailers soon. The small kingdom of Vyskir is under threat of invasion by Duke Arec, leader of the neighboring state. The people of...
Our Lady of the Snow - Louise Cooper
text: Now Available: The Summer Witch by Louise Cooper
For decades, the late Louise Cooper enthralled readers with tales of high fantasy and chilling supernatural phenomena. We are proud to offer one of her best back in print and ...
The Summer Witch - Louise Cooper