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All Of Us Were Sophie - Resa Nelson An Audience for Einstein (2006 EPPIE Award Winner) - Mark Wakely Any Port in a Storm - Shannon Carol Aquamancer - Don Callander Autumn in Cranky Otter, Autumn in Cranky Otter Series, Book IV - C.J. Winters Backyardia - Stephen Almekinder


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All of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson - What if the only way you could save your own life was to kill yourself? 

Someone is trying to kill Sophie Rippetoe, and she has no place to hide. But Sophie has a unique option. Her husband designed and built a duplicator machine to make exact copies of complicated and sophisticated machine parts. She knows how the duplicator works. 

Will it work for people? No one knows. 

There’s just one problem: the duplication process destroys the original. The only thing Sophie knows for sure is that trying to make copies of herself will end up killing her. 

Sophie isn’t sure who’s trying to kill her or why – but she has her suspicions and has gathered some evidence. She has created a trail of clues, hopeful that at least one of the Sophies she creates will figure out who the killer is in time to save herself.


An Audience for Einstein by Mark Wakely - Professor Percival Marlowe is a brilliant, elderly astrophysicist who's dying, his greatest achievement still unfinished and now beyond his diminished means.


Doctor Carl Dorning, a neurosurgeon, finally discovers a secret method of transplanting memories from one person to another, thanks to Marlowe's millions.Miguel Sanchez, a homeless boy, agrees to become the recipient of Marlowe's knowledge and personality in this unorthodox experiment, enticed by Dorning's promises of intelligence, wealth and respect, but dangerously unaware that his own identity will be lost forever.What results is a seesaw battle for control of Miguel's body, as Marlowe learns to his dismay what his lifetime of arrogance and conceit has earned him.


And when Marlowe stumbles upon the shocking procedure Dorning used in desperation to succeed, the professor does what he must to defeat Dorning and redeem himself at last.


Any Port in a Storm by Shannon Carol - Liandra Kendric is a woman afraid to love again. Scarred in an accident and rejected by her fiance, she has gathered her pride around her like armor and returned to the peace and solitude of her beautiful hometown in the Canadian Rockies. The peace is shattered by widower Stave Rostad and his five-year-old daughter Clara. Like Liandra, Stave has sworn never to love again. But when diagnosed with a serious illness, he decides Clara needs a mother. Clara has learned to trust the tall, dark-haired woman with the scarred face. Liandra would make an excellent mother, but for that to happen, Stave will have to risk his heart by making her his wife...


Aquamancer by Don Callander - Douglas Brightglade, Journeyman Pyromancer, travels far into unknown lands to investigate rumors of an evil coven--and is taken prisoner by power-mad witches. 

The rules state that a Master cannot aid a Journeyman--under any circumstances. So it's up to Douglas' wife-to-be, an Apprentice Aquamancer, to save him.


Autumn in Cranky Otter by CJ Winters - Recently widowed and orphaned, Autumn Renfro arrives in the small Ozark town of Cranky Otter, Arkansas, in 1991, hoping to make a new life for herself. As though summoned on the beautiful October morning she reopens her mother's faded antique shop, two attractive men appear-- and both seem to find her irresistible.


Kevin Channing, the laid-back Chamber of Commerce person, is charming, subtle and very hospitable ... unlike Brann Havelock, the irascible point man for a development corporation bent on destroying the ambiance of Autumn's new home town. Together she and Kevin hatch a plan they hope will send Havelock & Co. on their way. As Autumn struggles to turn the decayed store into a successful enterprise, she discovers a new talent in herself-- a gift for psychometry. Occasionally, through touch, an old item reveals its history to her, which she then relates to her customer. To her dismay, a few townspeople don't appreciate such revelations.


Meanwhile her attention seesaws between Kevin and Brann. Drawn to the security of Kevin's warmth, she puzzles over Brann's mesmerizing effect on her. At times they blend like old comrades or lovers, and sometimes he seems almost afraid of her. Finally, guided by her psychic gift into the past, Autumn is led into the future.


Backyardia by Stephen Almekinder - Once there they are confronted by a great, white bear and a man made of both flesh and metal. The bear is called Polos and is the force for good in Backyardia. The part man, part machine is called the Warlock of the Wraith and represents evil. His eyes glow with a blue light, a characteristic of all of his creatures, known as robogres. Each brother is aided by a pet, which came through with them from their backyard, and by a companion who they meet at the beginning of their quest. Their adventures take them across mountains and deserts, seas and forests, where they encounter the varied inhabitants of the world, some of whom help them and others who try to stop them. They battle a dragon, meet birdmen and giants, sail with pirates and ride with knights. But ultimately, they must find each other and, by so doing, find themselves.