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A Portrait in Time - Barbara Donlon Bradley A Quest for Love - Barbara Donlon Bradley A Star in the Earth [Sequel to Moon Night] - C.J. Winters A Wizard Scorned - Patricia Lucas White Adventures of the Teen Furies - MaryJanice Davidson

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A Portrait in Time by Barbara Donlon Bradley: Trey Dalton is having a very bad day. Someone is trying to destroy his plantation, his meddlesome aunt has come to visit, and some strange woman has appeared on his doorstep spouting some nonsense about coming from the future.

A Quest for Love by Barbara Donlon Bradley: Saving a planet is a daunting job, yet that is what Arian must do. Beat the bad guy. Now, add a shapeshifting protector that makes her think of heated kises and not bad guys, her own mage abilities going haywire, and a bad guy who is far too serious about his job.

A Star in the Earth by CJ Winters: It's 1907. Alerted by her time-traveled parents that Jake Livingston, 39 is planning to wed, willful Emilee Schuyier, 19, charges home to Colorado to set him straight. The problem is, how do you seduce the man who's loved you like a big brother from the day you were born?

A Wizard Scorned by Patricia White: Jane Murdock doesn't believe in magic, wizards, or any other matters arcane, but that doesn't stop her from running afoul a wizard and feeling the full brunt of the old adage: Hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned.

Adventures of the Teen Furies by MaryJanice Davidson: Andrea Grouper, chronic wise-ass and Air Force brat, has plenty to keep her busy. Andrea's life in a nutshell--rollicking good times, the anger of the oppressed, and painful insecurity. Andrea and her friends use role-playing games as an escape from their lives as misfit high schoolers, becoming fearless, buff young superheroes with a roll of the dice. Humorous and poignant, Adventures will strike a chord in teenagers because, like them, the Furies are alternately powerless and powerful. And, like them, the Furies find no matter how frightening or silly the circumstances, true friends are invaluable.

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