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12 Jagged Steps - Louise Crawford 1853 Los Angeles Gangs - Steven W. Knight A Bid For Independence - Karla Hocker A Cat Of Silvery Hue (Horseclans Book 4) - Robert Adams A Caduceus is for Killing - Diana Kirk

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12 Jagged Steps by Louise Crawford (now $1.99!) - At thirty-two, Blaize McCue, psychologist, considers returning to her previous occupation: PI. Amidst her indecision, boyfriend, Homicide Detective Stephanos Zoloski, asks her to marry him. Unable to say yes or no, she wrestles with her private fears about relationships and marriage. Blaize finds more heaped on her plate: When her half-uncle turns up murdered, all the relatives are suspect, including Blaize and her brother. Ian, has no alibi, nor has Blaize, but both, along with their half-cousins, inherit a quarter mil- possibly a motive for murder.


1853 Los Angeles Gangs by Steven W. Knight (now $1.99!) - In Horace Bell's viewpoint, L.A. beckoned with love and police work. Also, he could study for the Bar. Violence brought his rapid retribution. For Paulette Bovierre, with a lost love in France, Horace Bell had a promising future. She was pure strength in adversity. In Don Tomas Sanchez's viewpoint, L.A. offered political power as he fought to keep the status quo. The Americans had already grabbed too many Mexican ranches. For Dona Jacinto Talamantes, her love at first sight starts a triangle between Horace and Paulette. Love lived forever. In Roy Bean's heart, L.A. was a place to have fun "whorin'" and to be a ranger. Yes, sin permeated everywhere. Humor existed for their survival. For Juan Flores' viewpoint, first he must kill the Chinese, then all the Americans. His gang would revolt against the new order. Now all must face the largest struggle ever seen in Los Angeles. Character counted when one ranger challenged 100 miscreants.


A Bid For Independence by Karla Hocker (now $1.99!) - Cherry Sinclair had to come to London, not to enter the whirl of the social Season, but to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful concert pianist. Though she eschewed the ton, Cherry found herself embroiled in social difficulties from the moment she reached town...but how was she to know that her very first audition would take place in a house of ill-repute? And why was the mistress of the dashing Duke of Belcourt, the beautiful Lady Aberlaine, doing her best to sully Cherry's name? And most maddening of all, why was the duke himself always there--with his devastating smile and obliging offers of help--every time Cherry committed a blunder?


A Cat of Silvery Hue by Robert Adams (now $1.99!) - Time Conquers All… 

Led by Lord Milo the Undying One, the men of the Horseclans are slowly reuniting the continent once known as the United States of America using the strength of their swords and their very special mental talents. But the Ehleenee, too, have dreams of power—dreams that have led them into a full-scale religious war of conquest. 

Lord Milo must enlist the help of men like Bili Morguhn, whose skill with axe, sword, and mind control makes him a natural clan leader, if he is to contain the menace of the Ehleenee rebels and save civilization from destruction…


A Caduceus is for Killing by Diana Kirk (now $1.99!) - When Dr. Andrea Pearson, an AIDS researcher, finds Dr. Milton Grafton mutilated and brutally murdered, she begins a descent into the bizarre that threatens her academic appointment and ultimately, her life. Homicide detective, Gary Krastowitcz, isn't prejudiced. He suspects everyone equally. The social implications of Grafton's murder lead the detective to a list of implausible suspects until he learns that things are not always what they seem. And so it begins...