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The Roundear Prophecy Book 4





The prophecy of Mouvar is running its course in the many frames of reality inhabited by Kelvin Knight Hackleberry and his family.


The great Confederation of kingdoms under the rule of the twins Kildom and Kildee is a triumph for good. But Kelvin's enemies are not all dead. The evil witch Zady seeks vengeance for the deaths of Zoanna and Rufurt in another frame, and she has vowed Kelvin will pay with the lives of his children, Merlain and Charles.


Zady's wicked plan is to lure the precocious, telepathic six-year-olds on a quest of their own that will draw the Confederation into a war it cannot win, and bring death and ruin on all Kelvin holds dear.


Merlain and Charles are not twins, however, but two of the set of triplets--the third is Horus, a dragon, and their only hope.