Now Available: Two New Piers Anthony Editions

Now available from Mundania Press, more new releases from one of the best-known authors of fantasy.



Chimaera's Copper by Piers Anthony and Robert Margroff


Much to his surprise, Kelvin has discovered that being the hero named in the prophecy has made him an epic figure in several alternate worlds. Now he is about to learn that his heroic stature also means facing up to old enemies--enemies that refuse to stay dead…

Zoanna, deposed witch-queen of Zud, and Rowforth, sadistic ex-king of Hud, have returned and join forces to seek deadly revenge on Kelvin and his kingdom.


Unfortunately Kelvin is otherwise disposed. To be precise, he is trapped in an unknown frame of reality and about to be fed to the legendary Chimaera--a rather malevolent three-headed creature with the body of a giant crab, the tail of a scorpion, and a particularly ferocious appetite for human flesh…


Meanwhile Rowforth has seized the throne of his double, Rufurt of Kelvinia, and launched a senseless war that will drown the kingdoms in blood…



Key to Survival by Piers Anthony


Key to Survival is the fifth and concluding quarter-million word sexy ChroMagic fantasy novel. It features King Havoc, Queen Gale, and their four Glamor children as they tackle the invasion of the machines.


The machines have destroyed one third of the galaxy and are working on the rest. They have overwhelming power and ruthless competence. But one thing makes them pause: they want to recruit Havoc's daughter Voila to their cause, as she is the strongest of all Glamors with a talent they need.


If she joins them, they will spare the rest of the human culture--and destroy the rest of the galaxy much faster. Voila must decide whether to betray all the other living cultures, to save her own.