Beverley Bateman and Stephen LaFevers: Dark Moon

Dark Moon - Stephen LaFevers, Beverley Bateman

"Don't go to Canada" is a warning given to Dr. Phil Jones and his new wife Zena. The problem is, on their honeymoon they end up on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.
While there, Phil is attacked and partially eviscerated by an unknown animal. Barely clinging to life, he receives a visit from a man who tells him of something called a longevity virus. It keeps the infected person healthy, heals wounds rapidly, and extends life indefinitely. An unfortunate side effect of the longevity virus is the infected person suffers from periodic mad rages that cause that person to take the lives of those he loves most.


Phil’s recovery is amazing and fast. He and Zena return to New Orleans to begin their life as husband and wife. Shortly after their return there is a full moon and someone is killed and ripped to shreds. During every full moon after, a wolf-like animal attacks women that look similar to Zena. The police are baffled until they are aided in their investigation by a man who has been searching for the people infected with the virus for years.

They are closing in on Phil, but can he be caught and stopped before he succeeds in killing his wife or infecting anyone else?




Beverley Bateman and Stephen LaFevers co-authored the book after meeting online and deciding they were a good match.  Beverley is Canadian, born in Calgary, home of the World Famous Stampede, and now lives with her husband and two dogs in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, surrounded by lakes, orchards, vineyards and mountains. She writes romantic suspense and medical thrillers. She has written most of her life and her background in nursing helps with the medical parts. Stephen is a native of Oakland, California, but calls Arkansas home. He lives there with his wife and two cats. He has been writing since elementary school and has “always” wanted to be a writer. He got his bachelor’s degree in journalism because that would allow him to write and get a paycheck, an advantage many writers don’t have. He’s also a nurse and a nurse

practitioner and worked in Alaska, just above British Columbia.


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