Four Classics from Piers Anthony Available

We are pleased to announce new editions of four novels by bestselling author Piers Anthony:


Dragon's Gold - Piers Anthony and Robert E Margroff


The Roundear Prophecy Book 1




A Roundear there Shall Surely be

Born to be Strong, Raised to be Free

Fighting Dragons in his Youth

Leading Armies, Nothing Loth

Ridding his Country of a Sore

Joining Two, then uniting Four

Until from Seven there be One

Only then will his Task be Done


When Kelvin was a child, his mother read to him from the Book of Prophecy and he asked what its cryptic message meant. Now he was about to learn.


The Kingdom of Rud languishes under the heel of a usurper; an evil sorcerer has taken the throne in the name of his wicked daughter. Even deep in the forest, away from all power, the people tremble and await the day of the prophecy's fulfillment. It cannot come too soon for Charlain and her children are soon to lose their home to the tax collector.


But Kelvin and his sister Jon have other plans. They have discovered a dragon's territory, where scales of purest gold, shed by the dragon, lie free on the ground for anyone with courage, stupidity, or innocence to take.


And the words of Mouvar the prophet echo across the land…


Serpent's Silver

Piers Anthony and Robert E Margroff


The Roundear Prophecy Book 2




Every cloud has them, so the saying goes, but Kelvin isn't so sure. He knows he's stuck with being the Roundear of Prophecy…and he even knows the Prophecy isn't completed and his adventures aren't over.


But he had hoped for a bit of a rest.


There's not much chance of that--his father's got himself imprisoned in a dungeon beyond Flaw, his half-brother is entangled with a beautiful girl and a silver serpent, and King Philip of Blastmore is beginning to figure out how much he is ruled by Melbah the witch. Kelvin's father-in-law has strong ideas about who should advise the King in Melbah's stead.


If that weren't enough, the relationship between the flopears and the silver serpents has become completely and dangerously misunderstood…


Key to Havoc

Chromagic Series Book One




1,000 years ago Earth sent out a ship that colonized the planet Charm. But the population of Charm is now far removed from their ancient ancestors. Technology has been lost over the years but the people have something better—Magic!


Charm is a world covered by volcanoes, each erupting a different color of magic. Everything within a particular Chroma becomes that color. Plants, animals, insects, and even humans all become one color and can perform that color of magic. Traveling is dangerous because a person leaving their native Chroma home can no longer perform their color magic.


Havoc is a barbarian living in a nonChroma village, where no one has magic. As a boy, he rescued a dragon that rewarded him with special magic; to sense pending danger.


His gift becomes more valuable than he can imagine as he is suddenly drafted and forced to become the new king of the planet. He must perform his duties or be executed for treason.


Key to Chroma

Chromagic Series Book Two




Settled by a human expedition over 1,000 years ago, the planet Charm is both magical and dangerous. Volcanoes, scattered throughout the vast landscape, erupt with a fantastic array of colors creating Chroma zones and permeating everything and everyone with color magic.


The barbarian Havoc became king of this strange land and immediately found himself a target to unknown powerful assassins.


Having finally secured a firm grip on governing the planet with the help of the God-like Glamors, Havoc and his companions must now set off in search of seven mysterious ikons in an attempt to learn the secret of the Changelings ... a secret that could answer all of Havoc's questions, or lead him to his doom.


To make matters worse, the assassin who killed the former king is now after Havoc!