New Release: The Reluctant Knight by Don Callander


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Talking animals, Wizards, marauding Knights, adventure and magic...

In the aftermath of a battle against The Darkness brought on by the wicked Ice King, Wizards’ High receives a mysterious visitor—a Knight who, after being hit by lightning, cannot remember his name, and neither can his trusty War-horse.


It’s up to Flarman Flowerstalk the Pyromancer, Myrn Manstar Brightglade the Lady Aquamancer, and her husband Douglas Brightglade the younger Master Pyromancer of Wizards’ High, to help the lost Knight.


In their quest to help the Knight, the Wizards travel to the distant land of Sulleña where they uncover a surprising discovery—the answer to an old, unsolved mystery.

Book 6 of the Mancer series