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Star Warrior - Don Callander

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Far into the future, the battlefield is in space. Robots, Catladies, Reptiloids, Stygians, and Lizards are as common as Humans. Most are friendly, but when there is trouble in space, mercenaries come to the rescue.


Major Fargon Conclusyon, a Star Warrior, is part of a space mercenary unit for hire and does what it takes to get the job done, even if it means taking a few lives.

When he is given an assignment to stop vicious space pirates from terrorizing the Federal Planet of Gautama, a place where religion forbids the taking of sentient lives for any reason, Fargon is put in a perilous situation and must decide how to keep his mercenaries safe without killing the pirates.


If he follows the strict policy of the Government of Gautama, can he find a way to bring the pirates in peacefully without losing any of his soldiers?