The Time Master Trilogy by Louise Cooper, on Sale at OmniLit!

The Initiate (Time Master Trilogy) - Louise Cooper

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The Initiate - The seven gods of Order had ruled unchallenged for centuries, served by the adepts of the Circle in their bleak northern castle on the Star Peninsula. But for Tarod—the most enigmatic and formidable sorcerer in Circle’s ranks—a darker affinity had begun to call. Threatening his beliefs, even his sanity, it rose unbidden from beyond time; an ancient and deadly adversary that could plunge the world into madness and chaos—and whose power might rival that of the gods themselves.

And though Tarod’s mind and heart were pledged to Order, his soul was another matter...


The Outcast - Tarod alone knew the nature of the supernatural force locked within his soul—and he knew that it must be thwarted, no matter what the sacrifice. Denounced by his fellow adepts as a demon, betrayed even by those he loved, he had unleashed a power that twisted the fabric of time, to put himself beyond the reach of that monstrous force and avert the pandemonium that threatened the world.

He thought that nothing could break through the barrier he had created.

He was wrong...


The MasterTarod had won his freedom; but the cold white jewel that contained the key to his sorcerous power had been lost, together with the girl he loved, in a supernatural storm. With a price on both their heads, he had to find her before the Circle did. Only then could he hope to fulfil his self-imposed pledge to confront the gods themselves—for they alone could destroy the stone and the evil within it.

But if that evil once touched him, Tarod would be forced to face the truth of his own heritage. A heritage that could trigger a titanic conflict of occult forces, and set him on the ultimate quest for vengeance...