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Fifteen-year-old Arinda has never made a friend, or worn a pretty dress, or performed a spell in school like all the other girls her age. She has no idea how extraordinary she really is, just that she has a different kind of magic; different in a bad way. What Arinda does know is that she must never reveal this difference to anyone lest the King find out about her and send her away to a secretive society called the Circle of Mages, where she would be magically bound to and enslaved by one of these monstrous mages forever.

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Beloved Enchantress by Joan Van Nuys: On the day of her weddingSunniva is spirited away by the feared Viking chieftain, Rolf Gunnarsson. Her heart breaking, Sunniva swears no man would take by force what she had freely given Raven; no mere Viking would break the vows of never-ending love between them.

Beltaine's Song by Kelley Heckart: Aedan struggles with being a king and being a husband. Domelch struggles with her beliefs, trying to be the Christian woman Aedan wed, but her heart still thrums with the voices of old gods.

Beverly Hills Voodoo by L.F. Crawford: A headless corpse leads Beverly Hills Detective Art Murry into the murky world of a secret voodoo society - one where potions, powders, and black magic make him question his sanity. 

Beyond Innocence by Charli Sheer: On a deserted mountain in the Rockies, two men are beaten, shot and left for dead. Feeling smug and secure in their success, the assailants head back home to Philadelphia, eager to reap the rewards for their efforts. But their plan develops a critical flaw-one of their victims survives. 

Beyond Stone and Steel by Brian W. Vaszily: The tragedy of September 11, 2001 left us each trying to fill a uniquely unfamiliar void in our spirit with something that will make us whole again. Somehow we need to feel the experience in a way that following the news coverage just doesn't accomplish.Brian W. Vaszily found a way, and shares it with us in this brilliant anthology of thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams that were cut short on that terrible Tuesday.

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