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The Time Master Trilogy by Louise Cooper, on Sale at OmniLit!

The Initiate (Time Master Trilogy) - Louise Cooper

Now through December 14, all three titles in the Time Master Trilogy by Louise Cooper are marked down to $1.99 at OmniLit!


The Initiate - The seven gods of Order had ruled unchallenged for centuries, served by the adepts of the Circle in their bleak northern castle on the Star Peninsula. But for Tarod—the most enigmatic and formidable sorcerer in Circle’s ranks—a darker affinity had begun to call. Threatening his beliefs, even his sanity, it rose unbidden from beyond time; an ancient and deadly adversary that could plunge the world into madness and chaos—and whose power might rival that of the gods themselves.

And though Tarod’s mind and heart were pledged to Order, his soul was another matter...


The Outcast - Tarod alone knew the nature of the supernatural force locked within his soul—and he knew that it must be thwarted, no matter what the sacrifice. Denounced by his fellow adepts as a demon, betrayed even by those he loved, he had unleashed a power that twisted the fabric of time, to put himself beyond the reach of that monstrous force and avert the pandemonium that threatened the world.

He thought that nothing could break through the barrier he had created.

He was wrong...


The MasterTarod had won his freedom; but the cold white jewel that contained the key to his sorcerous power had been lost, together with the girl he loved, in a supernatural storm. With a price on both their heads, he had to find her before the Circle did. Only then could he hope to fulfil his self-imposed pledge to confront the gods themselves—for they alone could destroy the stone and the evil within it.

But if that evil once touched him, Tarod would be forced to face the truth of his own heritage. A heritage that could trigger a titanic conflict of occult forces, and set him on the ultimate quest for vengeance...


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New From Kim Talon, Plus Kindle Bargains!

One word of advice: don't read Kim Talon's thrilling paranormal suspense, STRINGS AND BONES, too late at night! Kizzie Bartholomew's story - about her ability to communicate with the dead - will keep you reading until the last page. What are these mysterious forces, and what do they want with Kizzie. Find out today!

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Mundania Amazon Deals! $1.99 Each! (Plus a 99 Cent Special)

Save big on these backlist favorites for a limited time at Amazon:

Bears With Us by Marilyn Meredith is 99 CENTS THIS WEEK! To celebrate the release of the latest Tempe Crabtree book, RIVER SPIRITS, we discounted BEARS now through Saturday. This is an amazing price on a great book, don't wait to order from Amazon.

Beyond the Shadow by Liz Hunter: Guilty or Innocent? Even after the sensational trial of St. Louis builder Holden Sawyer, the answer to that question haunts marketing consultant and juror Mara Taylor.

Black Robes on White Horses by Daniel B. Jeffs: America is beset by treason, impeachment, and the assassinations of the President and all but one in the presidential line of succession. She happens to be the President's widow. 

Bleeding Heart Yard by Noah Chinn: Peter might have found his one true love, but there's a problem. His friend might be able to remove the curse, but there's a catch. There's a monster hunting people in London, but no one believes it.

Blaize of Trouble by Louise Crawford: Blaize struggles to cope with all her fears around childcare, the demands of her counseling practice, and her rapidly approaching wedding while trying to locate the father of her charge.

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Now available: Fantasy YA from Jeanne Bradford!

Fifteen-year-old Arinda has never made a friend, or worn a pretty dress, or performed a spell in school like all the other girls her age. She has no idea how extraordinary she really is, just that she has a different kind of magic; different in a bad way. What Arinda does know is that she must never reveal this difference to anyone lest the King find out about her and send her away to a secretive society called the Circle of Mages, where she would be magically bound to and enslaved by one of these monstrous mages forever.

Preview The Mage Sister today and order from! Coming to Amazon, BN, and ARe soon.

Mundania Amazon Deals! $1.99 Each!

Save big on these backlist favorites for a limited time at Amazon:

Beloved Enchantress by Joan Van Nuys: On the day of her weddingSunniva is spirited away by the feared Viking chieftain, Rolf Gunnarsson. Her heart breaking, Sunniva swears no man would take by force what she had freely given Raven; no mere Viking would break the vows of never-ending love between them.

Beltaine's Song by Kelley Heckart: Aedan struggles with being a king and being a husband. Domelch struggles with her beliefs, trying to be the Christian woman Aedan wed, but her heart still thrums with the voices of old gods.

Beverly Hills Voodoo by L.F. Crawford: A headless corpse leads Beverly Hills Detective Art Murry into the murky world of a secret voodoo society - one where potions, powders, and black magic make him question his sanity. 

Beyond Innocence by Charli Sheer: On a deserted mountain in the Rockies, two men are beaten, shot and left for dead. Feeling smug and secure in their success, the assailants head back home to Philadelphia, eager to reap the rewards for their efforts. But their plan develops a critical flaw-one of their victims survives. 

Beyond Stone and Steel by Brian W. Vaszily: The tragedy of September 11, 2001 left us each trying to fill a uniquely unfamiliar void in our spirit with something that will make us whole again. Somehow we need to feel the experience in a way that following the news coverage just doesn't accomplish.Brian W. Vaszily found a way, and shares it with us in this brilliant anthology of thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams that were cut short on that terrible Tuesday.

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New Marilyn Meredith, and $1.99 Amazon Deals!

Tempe Crabtree fans, the wait is over! River Spirits, the thirteenth installment of this great mystery series by Marilyn Meredith, is now available. Trouble comes to town once again as a movie crew is plagued by threats, and eventually murder. The Hairy Man may be involved, and Deputy Crabtree faces perhaps the most difficult case of her career.

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Mundania Amazon Deals! $1.99 Each!

Save big on these backlist favorites for a limited time at Amazon:

Bad Ass Faeries AnthologyYou better believe some faeries are badass! Save big on the anthology that started it all. Stories by Keith R. A. DeCandido, C.J. Henderson, John Sunseri, Patrick Thomas, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and more!

Bad Medicine by Diana Hart: Newly graduated from the Montana School of Mines, Sloan Stafford has finally realized her dream of being a ranger in Yellowstone National Park. But her worst fears are realized when angry FTO, Reno Blackwolf, thinks of women as nothing more than a nuisance, poisoning his park.

Bear Hugs by Ginny McBlain: Paige Holbrook needs help to bring her son out of a coma. In desperation, she turns to Bidwell Bear, young Jamie's TV idol. From their first meeting, Paige and Hunter Blackwell, the man inside the Bidwell costume, each experience an attraction neither can ignore.

Beast of the Bells by T.K. Sheils: Rodrigo's innocence dissipates as he uncovers lies, torture, murder, even massacre in his quest for the truth. He is taught erotic pleasures by one of Estevanico's lovers and ultimately finds himself capable of loving and of killing.

Beasts Are Us by ATK Butterfly: In Beasts Are Us, the beasts now have voices we can understand. They also have learned our values, but can they fit in? It's not easy being human. It's even tougher when you're a beast with built-in limitations or a hybrid without a real niche in the world other than the one humans created.

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Mundania Press Bargains at Amazon this Week!

All Of Us Were Sophie - Resa Nelson An Audience for Einstein (2006 EPPIE Award Winner) - Mark Wakely Any Port in a Storm - Shannon Carol Aquamancer - Don Callander Autumn in Cranky Otter, Autumn in Cranky Otter Series, Book IV - C.J. Winters Backyardia - Stephen Almekinder


The following titles are $1.99 this week on Kindle! The sale won't last, download to your reader today.


All of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson - What if the only way you could save your own life was to kill yourself? 

Someone is trying to kill Sophie Rippetoe, and she has no place to hide. But Sophie has a unique option. Her husband designed and built a duplicator machine to make exact copies of complicated and sophisticated machine parts. She knows how the duplicator works. 

Will it work for people? No one knows. 

There’s just one problem: the duplication process destroys the original. The only thing Sophie knows for sure is that trying to make copies of herself will end up killing her. 

Sophie isn’t sure who’s trying to kill her or why – but she has her suspicions and has gathered some evidence. She has created a trail of clues, hopeful that at least one of the Sophies she creates will figure out who the killer is in time to save herself.


An Audience for Einstein by Mark Wakely - Professor Percival Marlowe is a brilliant, elderly astrophysicist who's dying, his greatest achievement still unfinished and now beyond his diminished means.


Doctor Carl Dorning, a neurosurgeon, finally discovers a secret method of transplanting memories from one person to another, thanks to Marlowe's millions.Miguel Sanchez, a homeless boy, agrees to become the recipient of Marlowe's knowledge and personality in this unorthodox experiment, enticed by Dorning's promises of intelligence, wealth and respect, but dangerously unaware that his own identity will be lost forever.What results is a seesaw battle for control of Miguel's body, as Marlowe learns to his dismay what his lifetime of arrogance and conceit has earned him.


And when Marlowe stumbles upon the shocking procedure Dorning used in desperation to succeed, the professor does what he must to defeat Dorning and redeem himself at last.


Any Port in a Storm by Shannon Carol - Liandra Kendric is a woman afraid to love again. Scarred in an accident and rejected by her fiance, she has gathered her pride around her like armor and returned to the peace and solitude of her beautiful hometown in the Canadian Rockies. The peace is shattered by widower Stave Rostad and his five-year-old daughter Clara. Like Liandra, Stave has sworn never to love again. But when diagnosed with a serious illness, he decides Clara needs a mother. Clara has learned to trust the tall, dark-haired woman with the scarred face. Liandra would make an excellent mother, but for that to happen, Stave will have to risk his heart by making her his wife...


Aquamancer by Don Callander - Douglas Brightglade, Journeyman Pyromancer, travels far into unknown lands to investigate rumors of an evil coven--and is taken prisoner by power-mad witches. 

The rules state that a Master cannot aid a Journeyman--under any circumstances. So it's up to Douglas' wife-to-be, an Apprentice Aquamancer, to save him.


Autumn in Cranky Otter by CJ Winters - Recently widowed and orphaned, Autumn Renfro arrives in the small Ozark town of Cranky Otter, Arkansas, in 1991, hoping to make a new life for herself. As though summoned on the beautiful October morning she reopens her mother's faded antique shop, two attractive men appear-- and both seem to find her irresistible.


Kevin Channing, the laid-back Chamber of Commerce person, is charming, subtle and very hospitable ... unlike Brann Havelock, the irascible point man for a development corporation bent on destroying the ambiance of Autumn's new home town. Together she and Kevin hatch a plan they hope will send Havelock & Co. on their way. As Autumn struggles to turn the decayed store into a successful enterprise, she discovers a new talent in herself-- a gift for psychometry. Occasionally, through touch, an old item reveals its history to her, which she then relates to her customer. To her dismay, a few townspeople don't appreciate such revelations.


Meanwhile her attention seesaws between Kevin and Brann. Drawn to the security of Kevin's warmth, she puzzles over Brann's mesmerizing effect on her. At times they blend like old comrades or lovers, and sometimes he seems almost afraid of her. Finally, guided by her psychic gift into the past, Autumn is led into the future.


Backyardia by Stephen Almekinder - Once there they are confronted by a great, white bear and a man made of both flesh and metal. The bear is called Polos and is the force for good in Backyardia. The part man, part machine is called the Warlock of the Wraith and represents evil. His eyes glow with a blue light, a characteristic of all of his creatures, known as robogres. Each brother is aided by a pet, which came through with them from their backyard, and by a companion who they meet at the beginning of their quest. Their adventures take them across mountains and deserts, seas and forests, where they encounter the varied inhabitants of the world, some of whom help them and others who try to stop them. They battle a dragon, meet birdmen and giants, sail with pirates and ride with knights. But ultimately, they must find each other and, by so doing, find themselves.

$1.99 Each This Week at Amazon!

A Portrait in Time - Barbara Donlon Bradley A Quest for Love - Barbara Donlon Bradley A Star in the Earth [Sequel to Moon Night] - C.J. Winters A Wizard Scorned - Patricia Lucas White Adventures of the Teen Furies - MaryJanice Davidson

Save big on these backlist favorites for a limited time at Amazon:

A Portrait in Time by Barbara Donlon Bradley: Trey Dalton is having a very bad day. Someone is trying to destroy his plantation, his meddlesome aunt has come to visit, and some strange woman has appeared on his doorstep spouting some nonsense about coming from the future.

A Quest for Love by Barbara Donlon Bradley: Saving a planet is a daunting job, yet that is what Arian must do. Beat the bad guy. Now, add a shapeshifting protector that makes her think of heated kises and not bad guys, her own mage abilities going haywire, and a bad guy who is far too serious about his job.

A Star in the Earth by CJ Winters: It's 1907. Alerted by her time-traveled parents that Jake Livingston, 39 is planning to wed, willful Emilee Schuyier, 19, charges home to Colorado to set him straight. The problem is, how do you seduce the man who's loved you like a big brother from the day you were born?

A Wizard Scorned by Patricia White: Jane Murdock doesn't believe in magic, wizards, or any other matters arcane, but that doesn't stop her from running afoul a wizard and feeling the full brunt of the old adage: Hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned.

Adventures of the Teen Furies by MaryJanice Davidson: Andrea Grouper, chronic wise-ass and Air Force brat, has plenty to keep her busy. Andrea's life in a nutshell--rollicking good times, the anger of the oppressed, and painful insecurity. Andrea and her friends use role-playing games as an escape from their lives as misfit high schoolers, becoming fearless, buff young superheroes with a roll of the dice. Humorous and poignant, Adventures will strike a chord in teenagers because, like them, the Furies are alternately powerless and powerful. And, like them, the Furies find no matter how frightening or silly the circumstances, true friends are invaluable.

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New Release: Cruise of the CSS Pocahontas by Don Callander

Cruise of the CSS Pocahontas - Don Callander

Buy now from Mundania Press!


Richmond 1865: It is the last few days of the civil war, and Admiral Rafe Semmes of the Confederate Navy awaits orders on the CSS Virginia 2 on the James River. Rumors fly that the Yanks are winning at Five Forks on the Petersburg line; next stop Richmond.


With President Davis waiting until the last minute to leave Richmond, Rafe Semmes takes four of his wounded men to Chimbarozo Hospital, a few minutes’ walk east of downtown Richmond.


There he meets the formidable head matron, Phoebe Yates Pember. She has been managing the wounded as best she can with limited supplies. When the order comes for them to evacuate she sends those men who are able away, but decides to stay with the last few dangerously ill men.


In the tail end of the civil war Rafe and Phoebe unexpectedly find love and a reason to look forward to a life beyond the end of the war.


This sweeping tale tells of the stories of good men and women, Yanks and Confederates, during those few fraught days in 1865, and the aftermath for Rafe Semmes and Phoebe Pember.


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12 Jagged Steps - Louise Crawford 1853 Los Angeles Gangs - Steven W. Knight A Bid For Independence - Karla Hocker A Cat Of Silvery Hue (Horseclans Book 4) - Robert Adams A Caduceus is for Killing - Diana Kirk

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Starting this month, we'll have weekly deals on select titles at Amazon. Check our blog to see what's on sale. This week:


12 Jagged Steps by Louise Crawford (now $1.99!) - At thirty-two, Blaize McCue, psychologist, considers returning to her previous occupation: PI. Amidst her indecision, boyfriend, Homicide Detective Stephanos Zoloski, asks her to marry him. Unable to say yes or no, she wrestles with her private fears about relationships and marriage. Blaize finds more heaped on her plate: When her half-uncle turns up murdered, all the relatives are suspect, including Blaize and her brother. Ian, has no alibi, nor has Blaize, but both, along with their half-cousins, inherit a quarter mil- possibly a motive for murder.


1853 Los Angeles Gangs by Steven W. Knight (now $1.99!) - In Horace Bell's viewpoint, L.A. beckoned with love and police work. Also, he could study for the Bar. Violence brought his rapid retribution. For Paulette Bovierre, with a lost love in France, Horace Bell had a promising future. She was pure strength in adversity. In Don Tomas Sanchez's viewpoint, L.A. offered political power as he fought to keep the status quo. The Americans had already grabbed too many Mexican ranches. For Dona Jacinto Talamantes, her love at first sight starts a triangle between Horace and Paulette. Love lived forever. In Roy Bean's heart, L.A. was a place to have fun "whorin'" and to be a ranger. Yes, sin permeated everywhere. Humor existed for their survival. For Juan Flores' viewpoint, first he must kill the Chinese, then all the Americans. His gang would revolt against the new order. Now all must face the largest struggle ever seen in Los Angeles. Character counted when one ranger challenged 100 miscreants.


A Bid For Independence by Karla Hocker (now $1.99!) - Cherry Sinclair had to come to London, not to enter the whirl of the social Season, but to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful concert pianist. Though she eschewed the ton, Cherry found herself embroiled in social difficulties from the moment she reached town...but how was she to know that her very first audition would take place in a house of ill-repute? And why was the mistress of the dashing Duke of Belcourt, the beautiful Lady Aberlaine, doing her best to sully Cherry's name? And most maddening of all, why was the duke himself always there--with his devastating smile and obliging offers of help--every time Cherry committed a blunder?


A Cat of Silvery Hue by Robert Adams (now $1.99!) - Time Conquers All… 

Led by Lord Milo the Undying One, the men of the Horseclans are slowly reuniting the continent once known as the United States of America using the strength of their swords and their very special mental talents. But the Ehleenee, too, have dreams of power—dreams that have led them into a full-scale religious war of conquest. 

Lord Milo must enlist the help of men like Bili Morguhn, whose skill with axe, sword, and mind control makes him a natural clan leader, if he is to contain the menace of the Ehleenee rebels and save civilization from destruction…


A Caduceus is for Killing by Diana Kirk (now $1.99!) - When Dr. Andrea Pearson, an AIDS researcher, finds Dr. Milton Grafton mutilated and brutally murdered, she begins a descent into the bizarre that threatens her academic appointment and ultimately, her life. Homicide detective, Gary Krastowitcz, isn't prejudiced. He suspects everyone equally. The social implications of Grafton's murder lead the detective to a list of implausible suspects until he learns that things are not always what they seem. And so it begins...


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Now Available: Mouvar's Magic by Piers Anthony & Robert E. Margroff

Mouvar's Magic - Piers Anthony, Robert E. Margroff

New edition! The final book in the Roundear Prophecy by Piers Anthony and Margroff.


Buy now!




The mysterious prophecy that has shaped the life of Kelvin Knight Hackleberry and his family seems nearly to have run its course.


The Two Kingdoms that were joined by Kelvin to form Kelvinia have now been united with three others, to make a great confederation under the rule of the young twin kings, Kildom and Kildee. Kelvin has earned some time to rest with his family. Charles and Merlain are now twenty years old, and so is Dragon Horace, their brother who is the Great King of all the land.


But the clouds of the last battle are gathering. The evil Professor DeVale and his witch servant Zady had been foiled in their attempt to destroy Kelvin by using his children--their evil plot has led to a stronger, more peaceful land under its rightful rulers.


Now they will try one last time to pervert all that is good in the universe of the frames--and although the Prophecy of Mouvar has been accurate up to now, still there is a chance that evil will prevail.


The stakes are high. The last battle is on.


Now Available: Orc's Opal by Piers Anthony and Robert E. Margroff

Buy today from Mundania Press!


The Roundear Prophecy Book 4





The prophecy of Mouvar is running its course in the many frames of reality inhabited by Kelvin Knight Hackleberry and his family.


The great Confederation of kingdoms under the rule of the twins Kildom and Kildee is a triumph for good. But Kelvin's enemies are not all dead. The evil witch Zady seeks vengeance for the deaths of Zoanna and Rufurt in another frame, and she has vowed Kelvin will pay with the lives of his children, Merlain and Charles.


Zady's wicked plan is to lure the precocious, telepathic six-year-olds on a quest of their own that will draw the Confederation into a war it cannot win, and bring death and ruin on all Kelvin holds dear.


Merlain and Charles are not twins, however, but two of the set of triplets--the third is Horus, a dragon, and their only hope.


The Genesis of the Young Adult Science Fiction Novel “An Audience for Einstein”

An Audience for Einstein (2006 EPPIE Award Winner) - Mark Wakely

An Audience for Einstein was written out of concern about the astonishing medical breakthroughs being made that raise a whole host of difficult ethical issues.  Cloning, genetic engineering, stem cell research and other experiments are beginning to push the boundaries of what it means to be human, for better or for worse. While our ability to create "designer humans" is still in its infancy and not an immediate concern, future generations will have to struggle with whether or not to implement these medical techniques and to what degree.


The idea for the novel first occurred to me several years ago.  While there have been plenty of stories about memory transfer in science fiction almost from its inception, rather than focus exclusively on how such a transfer could be achieved I knew I wanted to focus instead on the human drama and ethical dilemmas of such an experiment, particularly one carried out in secret.  Besides, we still don't know how memory works exactly so any "explanation" remains well within the realm of science fiction.  That said, the novel had to at least present a working hypothesis of memory transfer- however speculative- to be credible.  I turned to the intriguing theory that memories are created as complex structures of cellular proteins called "Hebbosomes" after psychologist Donald Hebb, who first theorized that links between nerve cells in the brain (the synapses) are responsible for memories being "set."  This raises the enticing possibility that those proteins- if removed intact and still viable- could be transferred to a suitable recipient and continue to function.  Presumably, the recipient would have to be someone whose brain is still actively developing to readily allow all of the donor Hebbosomes to take up residence, so to speak.  In other words, someone young.  It was this idea of transferable memory proteins that made the novel possible.


An Audience for Einstein is among the top nine science fiction novels of all time for young adults according to The Huffington Post:


“Strange cutting-edge experiments involving the transferring of memories, as well as a touching story of human relationships, make An Audience For Einstein a lasting science fiction novel that explores the limits of humanity.”


An Audience for Einstein Website:


Author bio: Mark Wakely


Almost from birth, Mark has had a lifelong fascination with all things science.  Throughout grade school, it was the usual model rockets, telescopes and microscopes that occupied his spare time, along with avidly following the space program.  In high school, he started a science club that earned him the Baush and Lomb Science Award in his senior year, which he followed up by acing the science section of the ACT college entrance exam.  By the middle of his freshman year in college, however, he felt something in his life was lacking, that something being artistic expression. That ended his budding science career, but launched a new English major.


It was probably inevitable that Mark found himself drawn to writing science fiction, and after cutting his literary teeth by writing poetry (which he still writes) and several "so so" SF stories, Mark wrote two unpublished novels prior to An Audience for Einstein, which he considers far and away his best work ever.


Mark is currently a college administrator at prestigious Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois, and resides in a town nearby with his wife and three children. He is already hard at work on his next novel.


New covers coming for two books in Piers Anthony's Of Man and Manta series: OMNIVORE and ORN.

Coming in September: The Summer Witch by Louise Cooper
Coming in September: The Summer Witch by Louise Cooper

Kelley Heckart: Daughter of Night

Daughter of Night - Kelley Heckart

Aphrodite, anyone?


One of my favorite themes in my high school English class was when we studied the Greek gods. I fell in love with Greek mythology. It was later on that I read some of the pre-Hellenic myths about the Titans, the gods that ruled before the twelve Olympian gods. I discovered that the goddesses were once much more powerful than portrayed by the classical Greek writers. One goddess in particular caught my attention--Aphrodite.

The silly, vain Aphrodite that the classical Greek writers wrote about is not a true rendering of this once Great Goddess that was revered on Cyprus. She is comparable to Innana, Hathor, Anat and Ishtar, a love and war goddess. As a fertility goddess, she is a goddess that can give life or take it away. Love and war, life and death. Ancient fertility rites usually involved a human sacrifice, a young man. The tragic story of Adonis, the young shepherd she loved, is associated with the Isis/Osiris legend of Egypt in which the yearly king is sacrificed at the end of his reign.


I liken her to the Norse god Loki, a bit of a trickster.


When the followers of the Sky god (Zeus) invaded Greece, they diminished her status to one of Zeus’s children, but she was really a Titan. Another story of her birth is that she was born when Cronos castrated his father Uranus, but she was really a much older goddess.


In Daughter of Night, my historical fantasy romance based on Greek myths, Aphrodite plays an important part, and she is not the silly love goddess of classical Greece, but a much more powerful goddess who, of course, true to her trickster nature, wreaks havoc for Rhea.




Multi-published author Kelley Heckart writes historical romances with fantasy/paranormal elements. Her stories reflect her passion for ancient and medieval time periods, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts, her tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic and romance. When not writing, she works as an editor/proofreader and practices target archery. She can be found online at


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


I have a page on my website with more information on Aphrodite and other pre-Hellenic goddesses: